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 A Buyers AgentA Buyer’s Agent offers home buyers more Time & Money Savings Benefits than a Listing Agent. Buyer Agents work as your Real Estate Advocate and are dedicated to helping you get the best price and terms on the property of your choice. Plus, there are a growing number Accredited Buyer Representatives (ABR) that also provide Agent Commission Splits to make buying a home even less costly. ABuyersAgent.com offers you to Three of the Most Consumer Friendly websites you will find for Home Buyer Savings.

  • BestHomeSearch.comThere are hundreds of thousands of Real Estate Search sites to choose from. What makes this one the Best in our opinion is it built around the Real Estate Company Brokers-in-Charge and/or Accredited Buyer Representatives. These top Realtors are dedicated to representing your best interests. They will help you get the best deal on the home of your choice. You can remain anonymous while seeking out the “Buyer Agents” who specialize in the City or County you are interested in. Since Best Home Search Agents do not have to pay Referral Fee, you can expect substantial savings that are specific to your needs. 

  • HomeOpenly.comHere is Consumer-Focused site that allows Agents an ability to establish and promote fair commissions on their chosen level of service. You will need to check to see if these Agents are Realtors, Brokers, and/or Accredited Buyer Representatives like with BestHomeSearch.com and TheRESC.com below. Participating Agent do not have to pay Referral Fees so they can afford to offer significant savings. As a site visitor you do need to register as a Guest on this site to access compare Agents offering any Realtor Refunds, Home Buyer Rebates, or other Real Estate Savings.

  • TheRESC.com  – (The Real Estate Savings Center): “The Homes, the Services, and the Savings You Seek”. Just about everything a Real Estate Consumer may need is presented on their Exclusive County Landing Page. Consumers can directly access Local MLS Listings, New Home Communities, and numerous Real Estate Services and Service Providers. Most Realtors in this Nationwide Network are Independent Real Estate Company Owners and Brokers. They do not have to pay Franchise Fees or Referral Fees, so they can typically afford to offer you some of the great Real Estate Rebates and MLS Listing Savings. 


Additional Home Buyer Services: Compared to Listing Agents, a true Buyer’s Agent can typically save home buyers an additional 3% in a transaction. Listing Agents represent the best interest of the seller. Plus some of the Buyer’s Agent and Buyer Brokers will provide a Real Estate Rebates Rebates. Also known as Agent Commission Splits, Home Buyer Rebates are typically Credits at Closing. They can be used to offset Closing costs to make buying a home more affordable. You should be able to locate a top Buyer’s Agent at The Real Estate Savings Center.

An Agent Commission Split, aka, a Home Buyer Rebates is a Unique Sales Proposition now legal in 40-states.

According a number of Independent Surveys, a Buyers Agent or Buyer’s Broker can typically save you about 3% more than the Listing Agent. However, you should keep in mind, not all Buyer Agents or Buyer Brokers are the same:

  • Self-Proclaimed Buyer Agents – Basically real estate agents can call themselves “a Buyers Agent”, but do they have Credentials?. Do they work for a real estate firm with a lot of Listings to sell? If so they also have an obligation to represent the seller of those listings. If a Buyer’s Agent work for a company with a lot of listings, the bigger the chance they will be compromised. The more listings a buyer’s agent they have, the greater chance they will be put into a “Dual Agency” situation. Dual Agency means neither the Buyer or the Seller will get the 100% professional representation they deserve.

  • Certified and/or Accredited Buyer Representatives – The most popular real estate designation for a Buyers Agent is the Accredited Buyer Representative or ABR. It is offered and promoted through the National Association of REALTORS®. The Realtors who have earned the ABR Designation have gone the extra mile for Buyers in education. They are well prepared to represent the buyer’s best interests throughout the real estate purchase transaction. Similarly, the ABRM designation stands for Accredited Buyer Representative Manager. It is normally held by real estate Brokers or company manager overseeing Agents. There is also the Certified Buyer Representatives (CBR) designation indicating these Realtors have dedicated themselves to buyer representation.

  • Exclusive Buyer’s Agent – Unlike the Buyer Agents and Buyer Brokers noted above, Exclusive Buyers Agents never represents Sellers. Be aware that some Agents may call themselves an “Exclusive Buyers Agent” even though they work at a Brokerage that lists properties for sale. They are not Exclusive Buyer Agents if they work for a company also has Listings for sale. Importantly, since true EBAs do not take listings, then they cannot help you if you need to also sell before buying or later when it is time to sell and move.

So, why do you need a Buyers Agent or a Buyer’s Broker? Because a Buyers Broker offers you a much more secure and cost-effective way to buy real estate. A Buyer’s Broker is typically paid their commission through the sellers offer in the Realtors MLS system. Even so they will put in writing that they will protect your best interests and no practice “Dual Agency”.

How Much Does a Buyers Broker Cost? – As noted above there is no additional cost. The Buyer Agent Fee is typically included in the price you pay for the Real Estate. If you are looking for an advocate that can also help you keep more money in you pocket at closing – then ABuyersAgent.com is here to help.

If you are already under contract with another Realtor or Home Builder, please stay with them. This information about ABuyersAgent.com is not meant as a solicitation to get you to change agents of companies.

Perhaps you need to sell a property before buying another. We think you will find our sister site, ASellersAgent.com very helpful.

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