Independent Surveys about a Buyers Broker or a Buyers Agent instead of the sales agent

Since the mid-1980’s there have been a number of Independent Surveys completed by Money Magazine, Consumer Reports, and consumer groups like the Consumer Federation of America comparing the advantages and benefits of using the services of real estate Buyers Broker or Buyer’s Agent vs. … Continued

Is the Buyers Agent Accredited, Certified and/or Exclusive?

Self-Proclaimed Buyers Agents – So what are their credentials? Are they Exclusive, Certified or Accredited? You need to find out to protect yourself and avoid the limitations of “Dual Agency” which is basically a conflict of interest on the part … Continued

Full Service for Less

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Independent real estate brokers are now competing more effectively with the big Franchise Agencies because of a few reasons: Independent real estate Brokers with small “boutique” offices don’t have the big overhead like the Big Franchise Agencies, so they they can afford to … Continued

Some of the Buyer’s Agents in our nationwide network offer Rebates, also known as an Agent Commission Splits.

A REALTOR® who is dedicated to representing the best interests of individuals and families to help them get the best overall deal can be when buying a home can be considered a Buyer’s Advocate, Buyer’s Broker, or Buyer’s Agent. Our … Continued