Full Service for Less

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Independent real estate brokers are now competing more effectively with the big Franchise Agencies because of a few reasons:

  • Independent real estate Brokers with small “boutique” offices don’t have the big overhead like the Big Franchise Agencies, so they they can afford to charge lower fees to their clients. This is a growing business tread to watch in real estate.
  • Many Independent Brokers are also the Owners and do not share their commissions with Big Franchise Companies. This means they can afford to share more of their commission with buyers and sellers.
  • The Internet has saved Realtors and consumers a lot of leg work and a lot of time locating homes and other real estate. Since time is money in many cases this can equate to considerable savings.
  • Today’s Technology enables Independent Brokers to provide the same level of services as the bigger well known companies. In a  survey of more that 14,000 home sellers, most indicated paying less for services today won’t hurt the quality of service they receive.

You may want to consider Full Service for Less or Fee for Service real estate professionals as an alternative to the “Traditional” Real Estate Business model.

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