Home Buyer Benefits that will Save Effort, Time & Money

home buyer benefitsA Buyers Agent or Buyers Broker at The Real Estate Savings Center is a Consumer-Focused REALTOR®. Their job is to to provide Home Buyer Benefits and to work as your Real Estate Advocate. They are dedicated to compete for your business by offering you the Loyalty you need and the Full Service with Substantial Savings you probably will not find elsewhere.

  • Home Buyer Benefits – Innovative Buyer Agents & Buyer Brokers typically start their real estate careers with one of the “traditional” real estate companies. Many will move on to own and/or manage one of the  “New Wave” real estate companies. They use today’s technologies to keep their overhead low so they can afford to offer a Unique Sales Proposition. Therefore they can compete for your business by providing you outstanding real estate savings in addition to what you might typically expect from a Buyer’s Agent. You can search for such Buyer Brokers HERE.

  • Accredited, Certified and/or Exclusive Buyer Representatives (ABR, CBR, EBA): These top Realtors® specialize in Representing the best interests of residential real estate buyers. Unlike Exclusive Buyer Agents (EBA) who never represent sellers, ABRs and CBRs can also assist you if and when you need to sell a house or other real estate. The ABRs and CBRs that are part of the Real Estate Savings Center network have a minimum of 4-years of local real estate experience. They pride themselves in being top notch real estate consultants and negotiators.

  • Additional Home Buyer Services: Compared to Listing Agents, a Good Buyer’s Agent can typically save home buyers an additional 3% in a transaction. Listing Agents represent the best interest of the seller. Plus some of the Buyer’s Agent and Buyer Brokers at The Real Estate Savings Center will provide a Real Estate Rebates. even sellers. Rebates are typically Credits at Closing to Home Buyers that make home buying less expensive.

For more Home Buyer Benefits, visit either of our main real estate portal for a lot more benefits and information: The Real Estate Savings Center and Best Home Search.